General Enquiries

For non client enquiries please use this email. We do like to here from visitors to our site, but please note the following:

  1. We do not allow guest posts or articles on any of our product websites.
  2. We do not allow advertising of 3rd party products on any of our sites.
  3. You can't promote other marketing products or services not owned by GJB Marketing on our sites.
  4. We won't add links to our sites from other 3rd party sites (reciprocal linking).
  5. We certainly do NOT need help with SEO, advertising or search engine ranking.

As long as you do not want to clog up our servers with useless spam relating to the above points, you are more than welcome to contact us. We will do our very best to answer your enquiry in a timely manner.

Web Design & SEO

Already one of our valued web design and SEO Clients?

Our design and SEO team of experts is available during UK business hours. The team can address everything from the smallest questions about product features to the largest questions about campaign strategies.

Please make sure you tell our team as much information as you can and provide examples wherever possible as it will help speed up the design process or problem solving time (we like images and graphics as they help convey you vision or help solving problems).

Although we do try and answer your email ASAP, please allow 2 working days for non urgent questions. For urgent problems please contact our principal designer using the phone number provided to you on sign up.

Purchased Courses

Due to commitments elswhere we can no longer support, update or maintain the SEO courses we offered. If you are a 121 client you can contact us on the following email for limited support. Please supply the login information you used to access our 121 site as proof of purchase. All Simple Niche Strategy & Search Engine Sorcery users, we thank you for your support over the years and wish you luck in your online businesses.